How to use the tiles

Fireplace tiles

Blue Daisy tiles in the kitchen

Information for customers considering tiling their bathrooms, kitchens and fireplaces with Nina's reproduction tiles.

All images are fired onto the Prismatics range (PRG1 White tile) of Johnsons Tiles. A British company now producing the largest range of  tiles still being made in Stoke on Trent. Johnsons tiles have over a 100 year’s experience of manufacturing in the UK, and despite the decline of our ceramic industry maintain a strong global position in manufacture. This range uses 29% of recycled ceramic material in its production process.

For tiling projects where a mixture of William Morris Tiles and Johnson’s field tiles are required the field tiles can be purchased online, or ordered from many tile shops. If border tiles are to be considered these can also be purchased at Johnsons Tiles website.

Standard Fireplace tiles
Images are fired onto Johnsons Prismatic range sold as 150mm x150mm x 7mm (actual size is 147mm x147mm x 6.5mm). You will find 150mm tiles vary in size due to different shrinkage rates of clays used.

When using this range for Victorian Fireplace replacement tiles check the size of the opening for tiles, as occasionally they are found to be too small and bespoke tiles are needed.

Bespoke tiles
In the bespoke range all tiles are fired onto Craven Dunnhill Jackfield handmade tiles. All tiles are made in sizes 6 inches x 6inch (152mmx152mm) giving exact size replacement for Victorian Fireplaces.

The Jackfield Tile museum is the most complete tile factory in England. A World Heritage Site, part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Traditional techniques are still used to create beautiful handmade tiles with a unique glaze quality.

Tiles in this range are fired to order, we aim to have orders complete within 7days but recommend conformation by email.

A sample tile can be purchased in the shop. When you are ready to order your tiles send a message, email or phone and we will give you timescales for your order. Or aim is to carry stock so most orders can be dispatched quickly.

Once you have chosen your tiles you'll need to work out how many you need to purchase. Probably the easiest method is to measure the height of the wall and calculate how many of your chosen tile size will be needed to fit the area for tiling. Count a half or part of a tile as whole one. Do the same for the wall width. Multiply the number required for the height by the number for the width and this will give you the total number for the wall. Repeat the process on the other walls. Make adjustments to allow for doors and windows, and for the inclusion of any decorated tiles. When you have a final total for the whole room add on a further 10%. There are two reasons for this, the first being that inevitably some breakages will occur, and the second that if, in the future, tiles are damaged you will have replacements available.