The Morris Firm
The Morris firm went through  several reorganisations and titles over its seventy eight years of existence, from the original Morris Marshall Falkner & Company to Morris and Company, Art Workers Limited. We have not applied the various name changes, but have used the simplest form ‘Morris & Company’.

William Morris

Green daisy

Morris’s Daisy tile is closely related to his patterns for embroidery and wallpaper of the same name. The tiles were used on their own, or in combination with the Firm’s two-tile figure panels, for overmantels and fireplaces.

The Daisy has it’s origins in an illumination to The dance of the Wodehouses a fifteenth century Froissart manuscript which Morris would have seen illustrated in a publication of 1844. It was on the wall-hanging pictured here that he based his design, initially for needlework in about 1860. The Daisy continued to influence Morris work becoming his most popular design for tiles and wallpaper.

The Daisy Tile continues to be the most popular tile, more recently it has been installed in a refurbishment of fireplaces at Brasenose College Oxford.

Blue Daisy William Morris